In the suburb of the mongolian capital facilities are very poor. People that live in this part of Ulan-Bator, have to search the water outside their yurt (felt tent). When the temperature reaches –35 C, this little walk is not always nice. The extreme climate of Mongolia makes the daily activities done with a slower rythm. In the mongolian countryside or in the city of Ulan-Bator each activity are done according with the environnement.

Zone de Texte: Picture from a young man in a suburb of Ulan-Bator

There is always a place to take a milky tea in Mongolia. Locals often meet in small tea place to get the news from other villages. When visiting a herders family in Mongolia, you’ll be invited to share this nice beverage and talk about herding, animals, travel and politics. Be ready to enter in the nomadic traditions during your travel in Mongolia.

Zone de Texte: Picture of an old mongolian man

In traditionnal community like Mongolia, family has big value. Mongolians people have many children. Mongolian children always take part on the activities related to the nomadic tradition.  This work is the way for children to get in touch with their own culture. Part of the socialisation of mongolian children, the work that they do is according to their capacity. 

Zone de Texte: Mongolian father and son

The link is very strong between the mongolian nomad and his horse. The horse can be seen every where in the mongolian countryside. It’s also a great way to discover Mongolia. Many traveler dream of riding a horse in the mongolian steppe. Make this dream come true and com discover Mongolia.

Zone de Texte: Picture of Mongolia, a man with his horse
Zone de Texte: Picture of Mongolia, an old woman of the far steppe
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