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Our agency is dedicated in providing the best services for Mongolia to tourists from all backgrounds and all countries. Whether you are looking for adventure-filled tours in Mongolia, backpacking through Asia or just on a business trip to Mongolia, you are guaranteed to find the help you are looking for as well as a wide selection of services offered at reasonable prices for Mongolia.

Your welcome to customize your own Mongolian wilderness experience in this beautiful central Asian country ranging from lush forests, rolling steppes, to untamed deserts.

Adventure tour in Mongolia

We organise travel usually for group of 4 persons and more. Travel for 2 persons can be organised on request but are usually much more expensive. We prefer to give good rate for group of more than 4.

Jump aboard for an adventure through the centuries in Mongolia, and come discover with us Mongolia and the nomadic traditions of this great nation that enjoys a special relationship with nature. Come discover this incredible land and live the nomadic Mongolian experience. We will share with you the love we have for Mongolia and its millenary culture. The planning of a trip to Mongolia is made with our team and our collaborators in Canada, in Europa and Mongolia.

Write us now to preprare your unique mongolian experience.

Last minute travel in Mongolia

Tourists from all countries are now discovering the beauty of Mongolia for over 10 years. Ancient crossroad of Silk road, Mongolia is known for his great history linked to the conquest of the great Genghis Khan. Since 2006, we are seeing an increasing demand to organise travel in Mongolia. Because of that we ask you to conctact us as soon as possible to prepare your trip to Mongolia. Our team will take a great care to plan your journey in the mongolian steppe.

Last-minute travel can be organise for the month of September to May. But visa requirement for Mongolia, yurts camps reservation, jeep rental and guide and driver hiring makes impossible to plan a trip to Mongolia in june-july or august. Mongolia is getting more popular every year and the tourist season last only 3 months. Some travel agency in Europe are now requiring our organisation service to plan their trip to Mongolia during the high season.

In this circumstances, we apologise for not being able to answer all your inquiry to Mongolia. Nevertheless we will make a point of honour to answer you to tell you the situation. Some of our travelers are preparing their plan 2 years ahead. It was the case for the great solar eclipse of 2008

We invite you to take a look at our Fare and Itineraries section to learn more about the tours in Mongolia. As well as showing you the cultural treasures that Mongolia has to offer through an unforgettable experience. Our team will share their love for a country that fuels their dreams. Get in touch with us right now to prepare your own unique Mongolian experience, or to get free tips and advice concerning your trip.

Mongolia, a world of traditions to discover

A mythical land with unchanged traditions, Mongolia is begging to be discovered.

Join-us for a trip through history and walk in the footsteps of the proud Mongolian people, that have captivated the imagination of adventure craving travelers on a quest for unspoiled beauty.